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NYAS expecting a strong New York apple crop
Seasonal climates and soil in New York makes for some of the country’s most flavorful and high-quality apple varieties. And Glenmont, NY-based New York Apple Sales is on top of every variety that’s grown in the state. In fact, the company is the most diversified grower-marketer in New York. By partnering with grower families from regions across the state, it is protected from Mother Nature and able to keep a consistent supply, even when regions are up against outside... Read more
Rice Fruit says this season’s Pennsylvania apple crop is progressing well
The bloom followed a cool spring in Pennsylvania’s apple region, putting the crop about ten days behind last year. Rice Fruit Co.’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brenda Briggs, said that summer weather allowed the apple trees to make up some of this gap. “The apple crop is now progressing well,” said Briggs. “Our first varieties to harvest are also two of our most popular — the Gala and Honeycrisp. Both will be available by the end of August or early... Read more
Riveridge's apple development and merchandising ideas
As EverCrisp volumes increase for Riveridge Produce Marketing Inc. for this Christmas holiday, “Honeycrisp will likely be our second variety in terms of volume,” according to Don Armock, president of the firm. He said this reflects “new bearing surface coming into production.” Fall volumes for Riveridge varieties this year are, in order, Gala, Red Delicious, Honeycrisp and Fuji. “We have increasing volumes of Pink Lady, but it is early days and volumes are still... Read more
Garlic is a diversified commodity for I Love Produce
Garlic distributor I Love Produce LLC handles domestic, Chinese and Spanish garlic to keep its customers satisfied year-round. Jim Provost, owner of the Kelton, PA-based company, told The Produce News that the demand for garlic has been increasing steadily year-over-year since he started in the garlic business 27 years ago. “I Love Produce works with Harris Ranch for our domestic garlic,” said Provost. “We received our first California garlic loads from them in... Read more
McDaniel’s increased Peruvian ties paying dividends
For the 2018 season, Fallbrook, CA-based McDaniel Fruit Co. expanded its Peruvian deal, which has proven to quite fortuitous as summer supplies are playing out this year. “We added some new growers to the McDaniel’s network,” said the firm’s president, Rankin McDaniel, adding that the increased volume is very much needed this year. “We will have Peruvian fruit through September.” California’s avocado crop has had several weather-related issues this year, which... Read more
California season will stretch into fall for Del Rey
California growers have been hit with a number of challenges this year that have reduced the size of the crop and will result in less fruit being marketed in the August-September time frame. But going a bit against trend, Del Rey Avocado Co. Inc., based in Fallbrook, CA, will have its late Morro Bay deal from the most northern California growing district. Del Rey President Bob Lucy said that in late 2017 there was a lot of fruit on the trees and it appeared 2018... Read more
CAC targets devoted retailers with late supplies
It has been a challenging year for California avocado growers who have seen a freeze, high winds, devastating fires and a scorching heat wave exact a toll on its production. Still, California is expected to produce about 300 million pounds this year, which is 100 million pounds less than once thought but also 100 million pounds more than the previous year. “It has been a particularly challenging year for our growers,” said California Avocado Commission Vice President... Read more
River Point Farms sees red onions as strong and yellow as soft
River Point Farms, based in Hermiston, OR, is a vertically integrated, source-based onion supplier shipping whole skin-on, whole peel and cut onions to market 52 weeks per year.  “We are one of the largest producers of onions in the United States handling between 400 to 500 million pounds of onions annually,” said Stefan Matheny, director of sales at River Point Farms. “We grow yellow, red, sweet yellow, sweet Rred, white and organic yellows on our farms... Read more
Peri & Sons champions organic Sweetie Sweet Onions
Peri & Sons Farms’ fall/winter onions storage crop is grown in Nevada, and the Yerington-based company competes against other growers in the Northwest, but Jessica Peri, retail sales manager, said its segregated growing region and techniques help set it apart from the crowd.  “We grow a full line of organic and conventional sweet, white, yellow and red onions, and 70 percent of our annual crop is grown in Nevada,” she said. “Nearly 6 million 50-pound bags... Read more
Domex Superfresh Growers  helping to invite purchase on pears
Domex Superfresh Growers, located in Yakima, WA, is one of the largest pear growers in North America and one of the largests growers of organic pears. The company offers a full complement of pear varieties. “When ripe and ready to eat, pears are delicious, and the fun part is they complement so many other types of food and work well in recipes,” said David Roby, brand manager for the company. “The tricky part for retailers is that consumers don’t often walk into... Read more
Fresh from the Start shipping Maine broccoli, Canadian cauliflower
Fresh from the Start has begun shipping its two largest crops, Maine broccoli and Canadian cauliflower. “These commodities are strong summer crops for us. Supply is looking good for both and we expect to be shipping through October,” said Eric Scannelli, vice president of sales and marketing at Fresh from the Start. All product is picked, packed and shipped the same day. For its retail customers on the East Coast, product moves from the field to the designated... Read more
Gold Cup Fresh out of the gate with outstanding citrus and grape programs
When it comes to the most highly demanded citrus varieties it’s hard to beat what Gold Cup Fresh can offer its customers. And, it’s high quality grape offerings are just what every retailer today wants and needs to satisfy consumers. The company’s growth has remained at near staggering figures, with no signs of slowing down. John Lazopoulos JrJohn Lazopoulos, Jr., vice president of sales and marketing, told The Produce News that Gold Cup Fresh has numerous citrus... Read more
2018 conditions good for pear crop, Rainier’s Tudor says
With growing conditions that Andy Tudor, Rainier Fruit Co. vice president of business development, said have been “nearly ideal,” the Yakima grower-shipper is seeing a clean 2018 pear crop with good size. “We have set a good crop, and size looks to be up at least one size over last year, if not more once harvest arrives,” Tudor said the third week of July. “The most important thing is to date is appearance. In our terms we call this a clean crop,” he added. ... Read more
Eagle Export success is based on trusted relationships
Eagle Export Inc., a small, independent company run by friends and family, is located in the heart of the agricultural belt south of Montreal nestled on the grounds of Alcaro Farm. Eagle’s intimate relationship with Alcaro enables the company to be the first-hand seller of fresh green cabbage, Roma tomatoes and field cucumbers produced at Les Fermes Alcaro Inc.Pierre Gallant inspecting Alcaro cucumbers with Alain Dulude, owner/operator of Alcaro Farms. The company... Read more
New study will help Chelan Fresh drive pear sales
Chelan Fresh works with family farms throughout North Central Washington to supply more than 20 varieties of fresh fruit, and although apples and cherries make up the bulk of their business, the company has been seeing an increase in pear production and sales. “There’s a certain percentage of the population that demands that retailers carry pears, so as an apple supplier, you have to have them so you can provide the one-stop shopping for the major retailers,” said... Read more
Phillips to complete new facility expansion in time for holidays
In past years mushroom demand has traditionally been lighter in the summer months as compared to the rest of the year. But now the growing mushroom demand is having a positive effect on summer sales. Kevin Donovan, national sales manager for Phillips Mushroom Farms, based in Kennett Square, PA, told The Produce News that demand is good and is holding through this summer. “No doubt, we’ll feel the normal strong increases as we head into fall and then the holidays,... Read more
Jasmine Vineyards transitions to newer grape varieties
In the last few years, Jasmine Vineyards has made a lot of changes. Chief among those changes has been transitioning away from the old traditional varieties, said Brian Crettol, vice president of sales and marketing for Jasmine Vineyards Inc., a table grape grower and shipper based in Delano, CA. With but one exception, all of the grape varieties Jasmine Vineyards offers are newer varieties, and most are proprietary varieties. Jasmine no longer has Thompson seedless,... Read more
Top Brass growing grapes… and a whole lot more
A third-generation family-farm celebrating its 80th anniversary, Top Brass prides itself not just on the quality of its fruit, but every aspect of its operation. “We farm our own land, harvest the crops, store at our own cold storage facilities, and ship and sell the product we grow,” said Brett Dixon, president of the Delano, CA-based company. “So we handle everything from beginning to end, giving us complete control over every aspect of the process and quality... Read more
Boskovich Farms continues growing its organics program
When Boskovich Farms made the decision to enter the organics arena, the goal initially was to mimic the conventional program, and it’s certainly achieved that goal, increasing its product offerings to include kale, turmeric, chards, parsley, cilantro, cabbage, ginger, green onions, squash and more. “We keep growing every year, adding acreage and finding other growers to add to our program, and I don’t see it slowing down,” said Darrell Beyer, organic sales... Read more
Green Giant Fresh bowls over consumers in the prepared produce category
Long an innovator in the prepared produce arena, Green Giant Fresh has done it again with its new line of fresh vegetable vegan meal bowls. The first phase of the all-vegetable meal bowls line consists of six flavors: Buddha Bowl, featuring chopped sweet potato, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, roasted chickpeas and tahini sauce; Burrito Bowl, containing chopped cauliflower and ancho-chipotle pepper black bean sauce; “Fried Rice Bowl,” with chopped cauliflower,... Read more