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Western veggies heat up while berries get a cold shower

Berries are expected to get hit with rain on both coasts, as California gets about an inch of rain this weekend and Florida is projected to get more than half an inch on Monday and Tuesday. Below average temps are expected in Georgia with rain between one and 1.5 inches on Monday.wear

The storm hitting Northern California looks to be lighter than previously expected, bringing an approximate total rain of one inch to the Salinas and Watsonville area.

A heat wave is still expected in the Coachella Valley for the next 10 days -- well above the 85 average temps -- with the mercury hitting 99-100, which will rush production to the markets. Bell peppers, green beans and broccoli may be affected with possible early arrivals of grapes and cantaloupes.

In Mexico, Michoacan is looking to be at above-seasonal temperatures for the next week or so with Apatzingan and La Huacana expected to reach triple digits. Outside of northern parts of the country it's smooth sailing in Mexico for the next week as most growing regions are at their average.

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(Chad Barton is a co-founder Weathermelon)