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Facebook reach increases 630 percent for Colorado Potatoes

A huge bump in Facebook likes for Colorado Potatoes during the 2017 calendar year has reinforced CP’s commitment to the social media giant for reaching current consumers and engaging new ones as well.

According to Marketing Administrative Assistant Savannah Schlaufman of Colorado Potatoes, which is the marketing arm of the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, consumer reach through Facebook has been exponential, and Pinterest is growing as well.

“Facebook is by far our largest social media platform and has the most engagement,” Schlaufman said in mid-January. “It also continues to grow. We started 2016 with 298 page likes and ended 2017 with 2,176, so we saw a 630 percent increase on this one platform.”

Rather than a set demographic based on age, region or specific cuisine, Colorado Potatoes targets foodies from all those groups, reaching out with a wide variety of recipes. Some recipes focus on convenience while others call for unique flavor and ingredient pairings. Health attributes of potatoes are being heavily touted in 2018, Schlaufman said.

“We ran a big online campaign last year with multiple recipes, and by far the one that performed the best was our Colorado Potato Breakfast Pizza. In this one, mashed potatoes were used as the ‘sauce’ on a naan bread crust, with breakfast toppings like eggs and sausage.”

That campaign featured Denver chef Jason Morse, whose culinary skills have frequently been used by Colorado Potatoes and which illustrated the wide appeal of unique pairings. The upshot: “I don’t know if we’ve seen a certain cuisine group stand out as much as we have seen really creative recipes stand out. People want to see something they’ve never seen before, and with the amount of recipe videos out there now, it’s important for us to offer something unique that is worth viewing and sharing.” 

This year the Colorado Potatoes campaign hits on health. “We are still appealing to foodies, but for our current online campaign with Scripps we are focusing in on the amazing nutritional benefits of potatoes,” Schlaufman said.

“We have a series of four video ads in circulation that all demonstrate the power of Colorado potatoes,” she adding, noting that potatoes “can power not only athletic performance, but mental performance as well.”

Colorado Potatoes “tried to capture that by showing the different members of a family and how eating potatoes helps fuel their different activities. The videos are also animated, so they have a different feel that stands out and captures the viewer’s attention.”